The HR advice department offers our customers a range of services in matters relating to employment practice. Ceinco provides its clients with skills and expertise in the human-resources aspects of a business, in which we will gladly advise as to the optimal solutions in business activities for proper organisation of the workforce.


Range of services:


  • Permanent consulting in the area of staff employment
  • Employee hiring, renegotiation and dismissal, as relating to Social Security, TGSS.
  • Information on hiring costs and previous analysis of the most adequate contract for each business.
  • Preparation of all kinds of employment contracts.
  • Drawing up of salary receipts for workforce in line with the company field’s relevant employment regulation.
  • Preparation and paperwork relating to Social Security contributions.
  • Preparation of written reprimands, warnings and letters of dismissal.
  • Preparation of employment regulation records, also for suspensions or for contract termination.
  • Legal assistance and representation during workplace inspections.
  • Advice and case-file procedure regarding Social Security payments such as: retirements, maternity, paternity, temporary disability, permanent disability, etc.
  • Special Social Security regimes or systems (sole traders, farmers, home workers, commercial representatives, artists, etc.).
  • Letters of complaint, claim, allegation and/or appeal to employment-regulating Bodies or Organisations.