Corporate law is equally important for the correct unfolding of a business’s activities, and in tandem with the corresponding fiscal advice, a synergy through mutual completion and coordination arises, with regards to the various steps to be implemented, with the goal of offering the best possible service to our customers. The update in Spanish corporation law, i.e. Ley de Sociedades de Capital, and upcoming reform to the Código de Comercio trade regulation, along with the changes these will involve, make it advisable to offer the utmost care in advising businesses and companies.


Range of services:


  • Company establishment, operations and agreements: merger, acquisition, liquidation and settlement, dissolution, transformations.
  • Study and drafting of agreements between partners and organisations.
  • Drawing-up of different kinds of contracts.
  • Advice regarding company re-structuring and planning of a family business.
  • Advice relating to the sale of productive units and businesses.
  • Advice in legal defence and commercial issues.
  • Commercial engagements and contracting.