blonde_girl_teamlead_original1-470x376Fiscal advice and taxation planning are of paramount importance to the competitive health of a business. In compliance with current tax legislation, this is the ideal approach towards minimising the tax burden entailed. Fitting professional service in the various activities and goals of the business is therefore required.

Range of services:

  • Advice in setting taxation standards and practices, and in planning of financial transactions.
  • Advice as to convenience and the transition of Companies, Corporations, and Joint-Ownership Organisations into Limited Companies.
  • Advice to non-profit organisations: fiscal intricacies, formalities duties and obligations.
  • Tax registration of commercial enterprises: census registration, NIF fiscal identification number application and related paperwork procedure in public institutions.
  • Drawing up and submission of periodic IRPF, IVA, Corporation Tax, Estate Tax and their electronic delivery.
  • Planning of donations and inheritance in the private domain with regard to Gift and Inheritance Taxation.
  • Preventative fiscal analysis for optimisation of professional and business goals considered.
  • Analysis and preparation of financial-administrative appeals and complaints, as well as administrative disputes.
  • Assistance, monitoring and strategic planning in view of tax checks, verifications and audits.
  • Consulting in the taxation of non-residents.
  • Customised reports and opinions on concrete and specific issues.
  • Analysis on corporate restructuring and non-monetary contributions as well as their appropriate planning in line with the special Corporation Tax scheme with fiscal neutrality.
  • Drafting of the document Dossier of Related Transactions (Dossier documental de Operaciones Vinculadas).