Our book-keeping department offers relevant accounting guidance, the tailoring of services and procedure in conformity with the standards practices prescribed by the PGC, as well as providing accountancy, valuation and assessments in line with currently preferred gearing judgement and criteria, also in accordance with ICAC resolutions, performing analysis, data review and thus yielding added value and greater insight in terms of progress in the client’s business development and in decision-making related to its market and strategic foci, with regard to the future.


Range of services:


  • Accounting advice and feasibility study of companies, sole traders and businesses.
  • Financial management and review of companies. Design of accountancy plans.
  • Accounting and management of compulsory business-owner and professional registers, through direct and objective estimation.
  • Training of personnel in accounting departments.
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts and submission to the Company Register.
  • Customised management reports. Analysis of balances and outcomes.
  • Calculation of profitability margins, break-even and relevant ratios.
  • Company valuation reports.
  • Accountancy for Co-operatives, Foundations, Associations and other civil and/or commercial organisations.