Tax Consultancy

Fiscal advice and taxation planning are of paramount importance to the competitive health of a business. In compliance with current tax legislation, this is the ideal approach towards minimising the tax burden entailed. Fitting professional service in the various activities and goals of the business is therefore required.

Range of services:

  • Advice in setting taxation standards and practices, and in planning of financial transactions.
  • Advice as to convenience and the transition of Companies, Corporations, and Joint-Ownership Organisations into Limited Companies.
  • Advice to non-profit organisations: fiscal intricacies, formalities duties and obligations.
  • Tax registration of commercial enterprises: census registration, NIF fiscal identification number application and related paperwork procedure in public institutions.
  • Drawing up and submission of periodic IRPF, IVA, Corporation Tax, Estate Tax and their electronic delivery.
  • Planning of donations and inheritance in the private domain with regard to Gift and Inheritance Taxation.
  • Preventative fiscal analysis for optimisation of professional and business goals considered.
  • Analysis and preparation of financial-administrative appeals and complaints, as well as administrative disputes.
  • Assistance, monitoring and strategic planning in view of tax checks, verifications and audits.
  • Consulting in the taxation of non-residents.
  • Customised reports and opinions on concrete and specific issues.
  • Analysis on corporate restructuring and non-monetary contributions as well as their appropriate planning in line with the special Corporation Tax scheme with fiscal neutrality.
  • Drafting of the document Dossier of Related Transactions (Dossier documental de Operaciones Vinculadas).
Legal and Trade Consultancy

Corporate law is equally important for the correct unfolding of a business’s activities, and in tandem with the corresponding fiscal advice, a synergy through mutual completion and coordination arises, with regards to the various steps to be implemented, with the goal of offering the best possible service to our customers. The update in Spanish corporation law, i.e. Ley de Sociedades de Capital, and upcoming reform to the Código de Comercio trade regulation, along with the changes these will involve, make it advisable to offer the utmost care in advising businesses and companies.

Range of services:

  • Company establishment, operations and agreements: merger, acquisition, liquidation and settlement, dissolution, transformations.
  • Study and drafting of agreements between partners and organisations.
  • Drawing-up of different kinds of contracts.
  • Advice regarding company re-structuring and planning of a family business.
  • Advice relating to the sale of productive units and businesses.
  • Advice in legal defence and commercial issues.
  • Commercial engagements and contracting.
Human Resources Consultancy

The HR advice department offers our customers a range of services in matters relating to employment practice. Ceinco provides its clients with skills and expertise in the human-resources aspects of a business, in which we will gladly advise as to the optimal solutions in business activities for proper organisation of the workforce.

Range of services:

  • Permanent consulting in the area of staff employment
  • Employee hiring, renegotiation and dismissal, as relating to Social Security, TGSS.
  • Information on hiring costs and previous analysis of the most adequate contract for each business.
  • Preparation of all kinds of employment contracts.
  • Drawing up of salary receipts for workforce in line with the company field’s relevant employment regulation.
  • Preparation and paperwork relating to Social Security contributions.
  • Preparation of written reprimands, warnings and letters of dismissal.
  • Preparation of employment regulation records, also for suspensions or for contract termination.
  • Legal assistance and representation during workplace inspections.
  • Advice and case-file procedure regarding Social Security payments such as: retirements, maternity, paternity, temporary disability, permanent disability, etc.
  • Special Social Security regimes or systems (sole traders, farmers, home workers, commercial representatives, artists, etc.).
  • Letters of complaint, claim, allegation and/or appeal to employment-regulating Bodies or Organisations.
Accounting Advice

Our book-keeping department offers relevant accounting guidance, the tailoring of services and procedure in conformity with the standards practices prescribed by the PGC, as well as providing accountancy, valuation and assessments in line with currently preferred gearing judgement and criteria, also in accordance with ICAC resolutions, performing analysis, data review and thus yielding added value and greater insight in terms of progress in the client’s business development and in decision-making related to its market and strategic foci, with regard to the future.

Range of services:

  • Accounting advice and feasibility study of companies, sole traders and businesses.
  • Financial management and review of companies. Design of accountancy plans.
  • Accounting and management of compulsory business-owner and professional registers, through direct and objective estimation.
  • Training of personnel in accounting departments.
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts and submission to the Company Register.
  • Customised management reports. Analysis of balances and outcomes.
  • Calculation of profitability margins, break-even and relevant ratios.
  • Company valuation reports.
  • Accountancy for Co-operatives, Foundations, Associations and other civil and/or commercial organisations.


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