Tax Consultancy


Fiscal advice and taxation planning are of paramount importance to the competitive health of a business. In compliance with current tax legislation, this is the ideal approach towards minimising the tax burden entailed. A fitting professional service in the various activities and goals of the business is therefore required.

 Legal Advice


Corporate law must be adequately observed for the correct execution of the business's practices. When coupled with the corresponding fiscal advice, a synergy through mutual completion and coordination arises, with regards to the various dealings to be undertaken, and with the goal of offering the best possible service to our customers. The update in Spanish corporation law, i.e. Ley de Sociedades de Capital, and reform to the Código de Comercio trade regulation, recommend offering the utmost care in advising businesses and companies.

 Human Resources Consultancy


The HR advice department offers our customers a range of services in matters relating to employment practice. Ceinco provides its clients with skills and expertise in the human-resources aspects of a business, in which we will gladly advise as to the optimal solutions in business activities for proper organisation of the workforce.

 Accounting Advice


Our book-keeping department offers relevant accounting guidance, tailoring services and procedure in conformity with the standards and practices prescribed by the PGC, as well as providing accountancy and valuation in line with currently preferred gearing judgement and criteria, also in accordance with ICAC resolutions, performing analysis, data review and thus yielding added value and greater insight in terms of progress in the client’s business development, as well as in decision-making related to its market and strategic foci, with regard to the future.


About us


CEINCO and its entire team of professionals, secretarial and filing staff as well as professional partners,are at the service of its clients in the fields of taxation, accounting, employment consulting, administration and process outsourcing, as well as the law. For over 25 years the philosophy of this office has been based on understanding the problems of our clients, providing flexible and quick solutions, realistically and within the current legislation.

Our defining aspect is a personalised service and its inherent respect for the trust placed by the client in our office, as well as in professional service that endeavours to be dynamic and efficient, with the goal of offering the best-possible professional outlook.

A distinguishing feature at CEINCO, is the constant updating and training of our entire staff, as well as notification to our clients, regarding all progress and changes taking place in the taxation and finance-related areas, having key repercussions in business decisions, in the attitude and priorities of trade and in new business projects.