About us


CEINCO and its entire team of professionals, secretarial and filing staff as well as professional partners,are at the service of its clients in the fields of taxation, accounting, employment consulting, administration and process outsourcing, as well as the law. For over 25 years the philosophy of this office has been based on understanding the problems of our clients, providing flexible and quick solutions, realistically and within the current legislation.

Our defining aspect is a personalised service and its inherent respect for the trust placed by the client in our office, as well as in professional service that endeavours to be dynamic and efficient, with the goal of offering the best-possible professional outlook.

A distinguishing feature at CEINCO, is the constant updating and training of our entire staff, as well as notification to our clients, regarding all progress and changes taking place in the taxation and finance-related areas, having key repercussions in business decisions, in the attitude and priorities of trade and in new business projects.